Get High with Michael Mac Donald

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World famous professional kitesurfer Michael Mac Donald, an amazing ambassador of Kite4Life is offering an epic clinic to our Market. We are super stoked and proud to present below private clinic in our 2021 Market!


Are you stuck at trying a new trick? Trying to climb up on that WOO leaderboard? Or do you need help to safely learn downloops, kiteloops or even megaloops? Leave your kiteboarding struggles behind and progress faster than ever! Michael has developed a new and effective way for fast and safe progression. Join him for a private coaching session. Progress guaranteed!


The best progression recipe for you

With enough practice, you will get good. But Micheal can take you there much faster! He’ll make sure you get the perfect combination of instruction, video analysis, and feedback. This might sound obvious, but it’s not that easy! For example, how much time do you spend on the water and reviewing videos? What camera gear is best to use? And what is the best angle to see the mistakes you’re making? There’s no single correct answer to these questions. It all depends on which trick or skill you want to learn and what mistakes you make.


The best value for money

Michael wants you to get the most out of your lesson. Therefore, he has invested in some state-of-the-art equipment. While riding, you will communicate with me through radio helmets at all times. This increases the effectiveness of the lesson. He’ll make sure he records your mistakes in high quality. He’s got the newest DJI drone, GoPro and a high-end camera with some awesome lenses. Most importantly, he wants you to be safe while training! We will always determine some progression steps to minimize risks. He recommends you always wear an impact vest. But if you don’t have one, you can borrow one of mine.


The lot Mike is sponsoring for K4L Market

Advanced coaching, where he uses every tool at my disposal to help you get that insane progression

The normal price for this coaching is:

  • €500,- per session for advanced private coaching (3 hours). The bidding will start as from €400.

An advanced coaching session includes:

  • Coaching with bbTalkin radios
  • Footage of you riding (filmed on Sony A6400 or GoPro Hero 8 if we can’t use the camera for some reason)
  • Goal setting
  • Theory session
  • Video analysis
  • You get to keep the footage and your takeaway notes after the session
  • Trying out my CORE Kiteboarding equipment

His specializations

The essence of learning any new trick or skill is similar. But he can most efficiently teach you the tricks that he masters perfectly myself. Below is a list of trick and skills that Michael specialize in. If you’re looking to learn any of these, you best go to him for training! If you’re looking to learn something that’s not on the list, hit him up anyway. He’ll make a plan!

  • Rotations
  • Inverted front-roll
  • Inverted back-roll
  • Big jumps
  • Heli loops – both ways
  • Sending the kite
  • Big kiteloops
  • Kiteloop late backroll
  • Boogieloop
  • Darkslide
  • Jesus walk
  • Superman slide
  • Barefoot ski
  • Board off variations
  • Kiteloop board offs

Planning the clinic

Upon request and upon availability. Bid and buy this lot and we’ll make it work!