First Kite4Kids clinic is a fact

First Kite4Kids clinic is a fact

We are absolutely stoked to share with you the first Kite4Kids testimonial:

“Last year was a very special year for everyone. For us it really got bizarre. When Charlie was diagnosed with cancer, our world was turned upside down. After an intensive and intense treatment process, on July 15, 2020 we received the news that we had fought so hard for: cancer-free!

Finally on with our lives, we thought. Not knowing that cancer stage 2.0 had yet to begin. Because no matter how relieved and happy we are about the fact that the cancer has gone, the consequences of the chemo, the processing of that entire roller coaster and the recovery is not easy. Simply picking up your life again is not possible. That was and is a hard lesson.

In this struggle, many beautiful things are happening. “On the toughest road, you will encounter the most beautiful bears” we read. And that is completely true, because what beautiful people are in our lives! This is how we came into contact with Baris last November, who runs the ‘Kite4Life’ foundation in a very enthusiastic way.

This foundation recognizes exactly what we feel: you do not have cancer alone, you have cancer with your whole family. This foundation has made it possible for us to create moments of relaxation, in which we do not have to be busy with anything else than wind, sun, sea and each other.

Since this year, Kite4Life has also started Kite4Kids. Because this period was also difficult for the children. This recognition feels so good for us!

Last Monday, Gio, Michelle and Senna had the scoop; they were allowed to get started with their first kitesurfing lesson with the help of the foundation. It was a fantastic day! “

A day that was not devoted to all the worries, the grief, but rather about being together, laughing together and being active. Wonderful to see them like this.

We are very much looking forward to the next lessons. Next Friday the kids go again, next Thursday it’s our turn! With many thanks to Kite4Life Foundation and Kitesurf School BLOW, you are great !!

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